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Onepiece - The Jumpsuit Company 

Onepiece was founded on a lazy Sunday in 2007 by three young Norwegians. In an effort to capture the essence of this carefree day in a single piece of clothing, the brand was born. The idea of sewing together a hoodie with a pair of sweatpants using a giant zipper ended up becoming the Original Onesie; the perfect Sunday uniform, but also a product solving the entire concept of comfortable clothing. Some said it would look stupid, many believed it wouldn’t last. Today, nearly 15 years later, the Original Onesie is still the very core product of our brand and our bestselling style.


Onepiece is the jumpsuit specialist brand. We are a niche casual clothing brand with the world's biggest catalogue of jumpsuits and onesies for men, women and non-binary people. We’re constantly developing new limited designs, and timeless pieces for all seasons and (almost) any occasion.


Our Vision 

We have always taken pride in the fact that we are different and do not always do what everyone else expects us to. We owe our success to the fact that we never let social norms or rules of fashion stop us from expressing ourselves and being comfortable with who we are.  


Our brand stands by the comfort of our products, and the confidence they both require and inspire. We simply believe that comfort brings confidence, as it allows you to relax, focus, act and perform. Thus, Onepiece is a comfort-driven brand, with one universal goal; to create comfortable fashion that inspires confidence, creativity and individuality.


“There are occasions where strict dress code applies. For everything else, there's Onepiece.”